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About us 

For a long time we have not been happy with the way things are for survivors. Having used and worked in services and organisations for a long time, we ended up feeling frustrated, exhausted, angry and burnt out by the systems we had to comply by to receive and deliver the support. 

It was only by finally taking time out and stepping away for a bit that we realised how we need ENTIRELY different ways of creating support for survivors.

So to start with we set up this fund to, in a small way start to fill part of a giant gap.

We are not a charity, CIC or CIO. We are have decided to create a new structure, an AEP (Anti Establishment Project). Read why here.

We want to create spaces for positive healing, ownership of our individual experiences, identities and recoveries. We also want to actively challenge negative stereotypes of survivors and experiences of rape and sexual violence and how trauma is often portrayed in the mainstream.