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This fund is central to our project and was the foundation from which this space grew. Our fund is for survivors of rape or sexual violence to choose how to  build our own support to recover, to afford actual treats and have the proper breaks that  we deserve. Support for survivors is limited and the wellbeing and recovery industry is built by and for those with money and privilege. 

To access free or subsided support or financial aid it has become normal to have to “victimise” ourselves and show we are “deserving” by proving our oppressions and vulnerabilities in disempowering ways. This is not acceptable. It is particularly damaging when we, as survivors, can feel unworthy and find it hard to accept help. Womxn and femmes in particular are taught to feel guilty for spending time on ourselves and acknowledging our experiences and oppressions (while paradoxically told to spend money on products to improve ourselves). 

Although we are very aware that capitalism unhelpfully convinces us to buy external material resources to self care and build our wellbeing, sometimes treats and presents to ourselves can be very healing and a welcome break from trauma recovery. However, this is not something we can all afford.

This fund provides support in the form of mini grants and mini loans, where anyone can apply via our simple, four question application form, request the amount they want and the money will go directly into their account via paypal. 

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What kind of things is it for? 

Anything that will make you feel great, feel like a gift, give you a break or just make your day that bit easier because you fucking deserve it! We do not determine what this means to you, it could be anything. Maybe you want to go to the cinema, buy some lavender oil, buy yourself some flowers or a plant, get a taxi to see a friend, buy a bottle of prosecco, have a swim, buy a new pillow, get a takeaway, buy some great underwear, buy a sex toy, go to a dance class, buy some herbal tinctures, get some phone credit, buy a massive cake, get a new book, take your friend for a coffee, buy some bath salts, pay a nagging bill, buy some art materials, go to a gig, cook for a friend or just for some extra cash in your pocket. Anything that will give you a little bit of joy, time or relief to build and maintain your resilience. There will be no judgement and no expectation to tell how you intend to spend the money.

Currently due to limited funds we only have £5/£10/£15 grants available for smaller treats but we hope to offer larger amounts in the future so people can afford things like counselling, massage, acupuncture, naturopathy or any other forms of more pricey recovery support. 

Gifts, treats and requests:We also try to get hold of exciting experiences and gifts that we offer out on our social media free of charge on a first come first served basis so look out for those. They include things like fancy restaurant gift vouchers, all kinds of classes and courses;cookery, women’s herbal medicine, dance, yoga, music etc., and things like film subscriptions, cinema tickets and hair salon gift vouchers. 

You can also email us at any time to request something you would really like and we will try and source it for you. Go on, we dare you! 

Who is it for?

Anyone who has experienced sexual violence or rape of any kind regardless of how minor you may perceive it to be.We will never compare your trauma or “deservability” to others, you shouldn’t either. You do not have to identify with the term “survivor” as we are very aware it is a loaded word with many unhelpful connotations and assumptions attached to it. The fund is for all genders as every gender can experience sexual violence. 

You can also apply on behalf of someone else or nominate someone you think could do with a mini grant simply email us and ask. We do this to be as inclusive as possible as for some of us the idea of asking for support for ourselves is difficult, particularly when we are taught constantly to compare ourselves, our experiences and our worth to others, and we don’t always have the tools to unlearn that immediately. 

For further info about the fund or gifts and requests have a look at our FAQs

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