Training, Education & Consultancy

RRP provides training and consultancy to external organisations and institutions in an environment of openness, understanding and resilience. Our aim is to improve the quality in which organisations operate and structure themselves, the focus on solution-based training with sincere and powerful impact.

We have basic training and conversation around this coming up here.

The core of our training is to recognise and push forward the importance and need for survivors’ voices and visibility within services. Additionally, our training will enable your organisation to create a more effective and healthier working environment that focuses on the needs of both employees and survivors, most importantly avoiding stress and burn out.

By acknowledging the need for collective responsibility, our training aims to provide your organisation the information to transform into a more supportive and safer space.

We have different types of training packages to suit every need, including tailored training programs and consultancy to fully support your organisation in improving the ways you operate your projects.

Our aim isn’t to criticise support services, charities and institutions. We want to work with your organisation and help transform the current system to amplify the help you already offer all of us. We want to create environments where making mistakes means opportunities to learn and grow.

If you are an organisation or support service, or working within one, and would like to know more about what training and support we can offer, please get in touch. More info on our experience and background here.