TRF Mutual Survivors Support Collective

A network for survivors to both give and receive one-to-one support, solidarity and connection.

The type of support and accessibility that survivor services and mental health services currently offer is not working for many people and we need radical alternatives now.

Our community tells us that they are desperate for something different. This is why we are exploring new ways of finding support that is individual, support where we are in control, support where we are able to have real connection and support that is accessible, now.

We have started up our Mutual Survivors Support Collective; a community of solidarity and support through one-to-one connections. The community  is made up entirley of  people who identify as survivors or have experienced sexual violence. We are trying to create a different type of support that is entirely built by us rather than for us; there is no ‘expert’ as we are all experts having lived through it, no hierarchy as we equally support one another, no expectation or set process as we communicate and understand our own needs and feelings as individuals and no official forms or outcome reports as we are not having to prove our recovery to a higher body or funder. 

Being part of the collective means you will be paired up with another person where you will collectively set your own boundaries, safety needs and develop ways in which you can both give and gain support from each other. 

The MSS Collective is about trusting in ourselves, trusting that we know what we need and about recognising the absolute value and need for mutual solidarity within trauma, recovery and life itself. 

We want to see radical change in the way we move forward, centering those with lived experience and acknowledging how much needs to be dismantled in order for us to take up the space we rightly deserve, be our most authentic selves and live our fullest lives.

How it works:

We will link you up with another survivor to support and be supported by. It is entirely up to the both of you how you want to work this and what it will look like for you.

You will both set your own boundaries and work out what each other’s needs are in terms of giving and receiving support.

This is not therapy or a professional support service. This is the opportunity to be connected to and have conversations with another survivor/human who has also experienced trauma, to find your own way to offer each other the space to talk and listen. You will control how this works for you. There are no set rules. This is an exchange and a space to create the specific kind of support you need. If you don’t have the right connection you can both be matched with someone else, not everyone will be the right connection the first time.

If you want to be linked with someone or just want to know more email us at Otherwise text us, you can contactBryony on +447939894167 or Meg at +447928487180. We will give you a bit more information about how it works and you can see if you think it is right for you at the moment.

We also will be running creative workshops, and radical healing events as part of The MSS Collective