New Workshop: Joy and how to stay stable in an unstable world

Looking for a different kind of Xmas gift this year? Buy something different for yourself or a friend: our workshop ‘Joy and how to stay stable in an unstable world’ is the perfect gift for the mess that is 2020.

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Through ideas, conversations and writing exercises this workshop will explore how to make space for more joy.

We will look at staying stable in an unstable world, making space to celebrate ourselves and understanding what we really want by unlearning societies (and our own internal) expectations.

Start 2020 with new ways to celebrate yourself and reimagine your world.

Bring: pens, paper, self

This workshop is for anybody!

After the workshop you will be emailed a mini journal/workbook to give you further ideas!

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*For anyone who likes the sound of this but can’t afford it please email us at saying ‘I’m in’ and if we have enough people interested we will run a second one without charge.