The Radical Resilience Project

For survivors of sexual violence to have autonomy, challenge harmful stereotypes, own our healing and claim back our space.

Who we are

The Radical Resilience Project (RRP) is a constantly evolving project. We grow and change to meet shifting needs and we actively dismantle the harmful narratives we are fed by rape culture, sexsim and capitalism. 

RRP is a fund, a mutual support space, a space for learning and a space for challenging the systems built to oppress us. 

Our purpose is to create spaces where we unlearn what we have been conditioned to believe is the ‘right’ way to heal, to create better access to support where we learn to be unashamedly ourselves. 

RRP came about through joy, through rage, through humour, through frustration, through pleasure, through pain, through honesty and through trust – through the deepest need to change what has not been working for such a long time. It came from us both finally, after many years in and out of support services (working within and using them), removing ourselves entirely from that world and learning to own our experiences without guilt, pressure or permission. That time, which we wholeheartedly recognise as a privilege, allowed us to start RRP, an idea we had years ago but weren’t able to create due to burn out, c-ptsd, intense working situations and the oppressive structures we operated within. 

RRP for us is something we both would have wanted to see when we were processing and healing from our own trauma. A space that was joyous, alive, powerful and honest. A platform that centres us in being in control of how we support ourselves, how we seek support and how we recover and live our best lives. 

We address things that are often avoided in mainstream support services, like exploration of sexual pleasure, erotica and sexuality after trauma, the power of raw humour and playfulness, understanding our privileges and oppressions and learning to liberate ourselves from sexist systems.

This is a space where we are not given the power, here we own the power to dictate what our support looks like, what shape or form it takes and in the process, build and maintain long-term resilience. Here we are able to recognise and explore our own value and expertise in our individual experiences without limitations or control.